Morgan Design Online allows homeowners and businesses to engage with professional kitchen and furniture design professionals on a design only basis.

Our elite team of furniture design professionals will allow you to develop ideas and concepts at your own pace and from the comfort of your home or office without the distraction of showroom sales pressure.

Our aim is to deliver answers to your design questions giving every project considered direction.  Each professionally tailored design can be used to develop design direction allowing you to gain a realistic insight into project timings and costs. Our comprehensive services are a natural extension to architectural and business planning.

Our work is not limited by existing furniture designs or bands but is only limited by your imagination. Our detailed CGI presentations will help to deliver vision and inspire confidence in your project. 

Founded by multi award winning furniture designer Darren Morgan our professional design consultancy service has been derived from Darren’s passion for furniture design and an international demand for his design approach.  He now heads up a team of handpicked designers creating individually styled designs for private and commercial clients around the World.

Welcome to Morgan Design Online – a specialist design service for everyone.

Morgan Design Online services include:

1:  Professional kitchen design services and interior design schemes to homeowners, builders and other design professionals. 

2:  Create, design and visualise furniture and kitchen designs using high quality Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). 

3:  Deliver spatial planning solutions to homeowners and professionals -ideal when planning a project or exploring the potential of your existing home. 

4:  Create residential and commercial interior design concepts using CGI.   

5: Work with kitchen manufacturers and international furniture brands developing new furniture ranges and bespoke design concepts. 

6: Provide design support to other design professionals including architects, property developers and KBB professionals. 

7:  Provide additional project management services when required, including the development of detailed production drawings, 3-D modelling, specifications and manufacturing services. 

8:  Design custom furniture and interiors for commercial environments including hotels, bars, offices and retail outlets. 

9:  Provide impartial industry knowledge to homeowners and businesses. 

10:  Create designs that are limited only by the imagination.